Darwin Deez: my top 5 'other' Beach Boys songs

Darwin Deez

To celebrate the release of new album 'Songs for Imaginative People', Darwin Deez enters the Red Room and gives us his take on the best Beach Boys songs. With the band having a clear influnece over his musical tastes...

Yeah that's right, forget 'Pet Sounds'. Forget the early hits, that's right, I said it. A few years ago I delved deep into The Beach Boys catalogue and found some magical songs. These are my personal favourites.

1. Let Him Run Wild

Just a great pop song. I love the way the guitar lines pop into the vocal melody. Remind you of anyone?

2. 'Til I Die

This one's an acquired taste. It's really dark and sad. Which is interesting for Brian Wilson whose compositions are usually super happy. It gets proper good at the end.

3. Surf's Up

Epic, weird, divisive, confusing and beautiful. Totally fuses the early 50's surfin' American milieu with 60's psychedelia. Best performed on solo keyboard, David Jaberi can do it justice.

4. Child Is The Father Of The Man

No comment required for this one, just have a listen...

5. Our prayer

It just makes me cry, I find it to be a really beautiful song that just feels really deep to me.

By Darwin Deez

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