Chazzstock 2012 preview

Chazzstock 2012

Today's Red Room guest blog looks at a new addition to this summer's festival calendar, featuring some great acts and the memory of a much loved performer...

Youve most likely never heard of lovely ol Lutterworth, unless you happen to be driving past Junction 20 of the M1, or like myself, have had the (mis)fortune of having lived there for the past 21 years.

The quaint Leicestershire town is home to nothing, remotely, perhaps with the exception of the John Wycliffe memorial, (which looks like a giant penis opposite the Methodist church) a picturesque cricket ground and one of the roughest pubs youre ever likely to chomp pork scratchings in, aptly named The Shambles.

Not to mention our brand new pretentious supermarket Waitrose, too, which has the best cheese counter in the country.

Trust me.

But in June of this year, Stanford Hall on the outskirts of the town will host The Vaccines, The Horrors and Tribes amongst others as the first ever Chazzstock Festival takes place.

Dedicated in memory of Ou Est La Swimming Pools Charles Haddon, who unfortunately committed suicide after performing at Belgiums Pukkelpop Festival in 2010, the non-profit festival will donate all proceeds to the Princes Trust.

Organised by Charlies best friend, Jack Bissel, his parents and his sister, Chazzstock will take place on June 9-10 with weekend tickets priced at just 60.

It was always Charlies dream to hold a festival in the top field of his parents house, just down the road in Yelvertoft, to share his passion for music with his friends and family.

We were truly lucky to have had Charlie in our lives and have shared that passion directly so we want to share that with as many people as possible, Jack told Red Room.

Charlies nickname was Chazz and he came up with the name when he was 16. It's been a huge effort from all his friends and even people that only met Charlie a few times, which is testament to how loved he was.

At the moment we have The Vaccines, The Horrors, Tribes, I Dream in Colour, Joywride, Goldheart Assembly, Lois & the Love and Jen Armstrong all confirmed to play with more high profile acts in the pipeline.

The line-up has been hand picked so there will be a balance of established acts, up and coming acts & yet undiscovered acts.

"We want the festival to be about giving up-and-coming acts the opportunity to play on the same stage as the likes of The Vaccines and The Horrors, as well as playing in front of a crowd that they otherwise might not have had the opportunity to, which is why the running order of the festival will not be like other festivals.

For more information, visit the Chazzstock website.

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