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Charlie Simpson

With his fanbase swelling, following the release of his first solo album, Virgin Red Room catches up with Charlie Simpson hours before his biggest ever solo gig - at London's sold out Koko. Charlie tells us his first times, including sowing wild oats for a first job...

My first memory is sitting beside a pool in Portugal on a family holiday, I told my mum this the other day and she couldnt believe I remembered it.

The first film I saw was a film called The Dirt Bike Kid, the bike would come alive and he could talk to it. I remember absolutely loving it, I watched it over and over again. It got discontinued but eventually I managed to find a copy online and had it shipped over, I watched it the other day and the magic was gone. The illusion was shattered.

The first album I ever bought was White Lightning on tape by Metallica, it was from my local Woolworths.

My first job was picking wild oats in a field, I was about 13 and had to get up at five in the morning, walk through fields and basically pick out weeds. I had to work until about seven in the evening but I got 50 a day, which at that age is incredible. I saved up for a motorbike.

The first time I got drunk was at the age of about eleven or twelve, getting pissed in a field with a friend on a bottle of white lightning [not purchased on tape from Woolworths presumably].

My first date involved going to the cinema to see Batman Forever, the one where Jim Carrey plays the Riddler. I was really nervous but it went pretty well.

My first gig was at an event called Parents 98, my junior school organised it to get all the parents and children together. My band were supporting and we practiced for ages and thankfully it went really well. It was wicked, its one of my fondest memories. I can remember it like it was yesterday.

My first song was called Desolation of Angles it was obviously pretty simple in terms of lyrics as I was so young but I like it, it had a pretty good melody, I think Ive still got a recording of it somewhere.

My first solo tour has been a complete different dynamic from touring to with Fighstar, its a strange feeling but I love the record and have spent two years working on it.

Im always nervous about playing, whatever show but tonight is especially big as Ive had a lot of friends and family come down. Its sold out so it feels like a real special night.

For a whole host of worst times to go with these first times check back with Red Room tomorrow, or why not check out a video of Charlie racing around Silverstone with Red Room in a Nissan GTR...

Charlie Simpson's new EP, 'Farmer & his Gun', is out now. He is also on tour throughout England.

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