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Following Blood Red Shoes first interview, singer Laura-Mary Carter tells Virgin Red Room all about her and the bands worst times. If you thought your worst date was a horror tale, then just be thankful its not as bad as Laura-Marys

The worst record I bought was a David Lynch one a few years ago. I thought it was going to be a Twin Peaks sort of sound but its just this terrible, terrible dance music. I was expecting atmospheric and cool, not so.

My worst drunken experience was recently at my managers wedding, I couldnt even stand up. The next day Steve was like I cant believe you were like that, Ive never seen you that way. The thought of it makes me shudder.

My worst date is a tough choice, theres been some really bad ones. One time I didnt even realise I was going on a date, I thought it was just a friendly drink I was so nave. This guy turned up in a bloody tuxedo and I was like what the fuck is going on here? He took me to this bar and ordered me a whole bottle of wine and himself a beer, I said I wasnt going to drink a bottle but he was like well, Ive paid for it now and weve got to go in a moment, so drink up.

Being a complete idiot I tried to drink as much as I could, then we got onto the bus with the wine and I started to feel really drunk. We got to this gay bar in Soho and I had a whisky, then he explained Ive taken you to a gay bar so nobody else can hit on you. At that point I knew it wasnt going well so I went to the toilet and escaped out the back door into a cab. What the fuck!?

Our worst gig was in Brighton, supporting The Go! Team. It was one of those nightmare days, I was coming from London on the train and couldnt afford a ticket so got kicked off, then my guitar broke. I got to the venue really late and the bouncer wouldnt let me in, when finally I got in the set-up went all wrong with the sound engineers. During the show the drum kit fell off the stage and then the strap broke on the guitar I had borrowed, it was a disaster I wanted the ground to swallow me up.

Our worst song, mmm yeah. Theres one off our first album that Id be more than happy to never hear again. Youre always going to put out some bad material and theres been times when I look back and think what the hell was that? You cant afford to regret it though, its part of who we are.

Our worst review was a recent one of the new album, it just really wound me up as the writer clearly didnt like us. The review was from a magazine that I will not mention, it just went on about us turning into a synth band but theres not any synth on the album!

The worst day for Blood Red Shoes was when we got told that our label had been bought out by Universal so we had to go onto Mercury Records, that was a pretty dark day. We never wanted to be on a major label so it felt like the end, it all worked out in the end though.

'In Time To Voices' is our third record so were a little more relaxed, we dont get as worried and theres a certain feeling of confidence now. I definitely think weve improved over the years and this album is a big progression. I listen to our first single and just cant believe its the same band, when we started out we didnt really know how to play our instruments.

Read Blood Red Shoes' first interviewfor a whole host of first times to go with these worst times.

Blood Red Shoes' new album, In Time To Voices, is out now. They will be playing dates across Europe in both April and May.

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