Women supporting women in business

Women supporting women in business

Are you supporting your own success? Jayne Cox guest blogs on women supporting women in business...

As a woman running my own business and a specialist womens coach I know only too well how important it is to have support around me. Ive surrounded myself with wonderful women who share my focus and positive attitude to create the very best for themselves and for their clients. In doing this for myself Ive become more aware of just how much these women bring to my life and my business. Its an absolute pleasure to make these dates in my diary and watch as our relationship becomes a rewarding friendship on a much deeper level.

So heres a question for you:

Are you supporting your own success and your personal and business development?

Theres a fantastically simple way to help make you and your business a success and thats by positively using other women. I know that women are absolutely wonderful at sharing their problems and finding answers and solutions, so its time to use this for your business growth and success. If you havent experienced something yourself youll most likely have access to someone who has or theyll have a useful contact for you.

From today have a good look at the women around you and make the time to meet up or get a date in the diary to chat, share and discover. Its about giving and taking so its a two way street here. As you give the support to other women in your network youll find that you have so much more coming back too. Its fantastically simple. If you find your connections are a little thin on the ground how about giving Twitter a go? With over 1500 followers Ive managed to create a wonderfully supportive group around me and we mutually support each other. Its a win, win.

So are you utilising this wonderful and free resource that you have at the end of a phone, Skype chat or of course over a coffee or lunch? If not, there was never a better time to get out there virtually and face to face to discover how amazing being a woman in business really is.

Image by MyTudot on Flickr

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