What next for Facebook?


"Facebook will be a powerful player for some time to come," says Virgin Media marketing director Nigel Gilbert in a new interview. What do you think is the future of Facebook?

Speaking to Marketing Magazine, Nigel Gilbert discussed what could be in store for Facebook following an extraordinary few weeks for the social network.

He said: "Im sure its the end of the beginning. Facebook has some extraordinary opportunities that are, as yet, untapped.

"The very fact that [Facebook co-founder and CEO] Mark Zuckerberg has retained his controlling interest suggests that he has many plans up his sleeve. Facebook is a fascinating organisation with a great deal more potential."

Meanwhile, Richard Branson has commended Mark Zuckerberg on his choice to go to Wall Street dressed as he does everyday.

The Virgin Founder wrote on his blog that all businesspersons should dress as human beings. He said: "It is great to see Mark Zuckerberg has the confidence to turn up to Wall Street to float his company in the same clothes he normally wears!"

Head over to Facebook to see what Richard and Virgin are up to on the social network.

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