Twitter: how tweeting can work for you

How to create a targeted Twitter account

Tweets, tweeps and tweet ups here's aguest blogon how Twitter can work for you. The day afterRichard Branson blogged on social media, here's some top tips on making the most out of Twitter...

The thought ofTwitteris perhaps like Marmite and we either love it or hate it. A friend recently asked me what it was all about, this Twitter thing. It got me thinking, do you think its pointless, something unfathomable and do you want to get it? Whatever you think about joining Twitter I wanted to share my experience of using twitter AND what a wonderful businesstooltwitter has been for me.

I set up my@Loving _My _yearsaccount last May after someone suggested my positive outlook would be great to share. I was open to suggestions and it seemed an interesting idea as I was growing my coaching practice and I love to engage and encourage the personal empowerment of others.

So starting out as asocial medianewbie it was odd sending the first few 140 character messages to no one or someone that is goodness knows who, in goodness knows where. But by being myself, finding something of a style and loving my subject matter I was suddenly rewarded with followers, conversations and relationships developing. I discovered what my target audience wanted, what I enjoyed tweeting about and how to manage my time, most of the time.

So for me the key to mastering Twitter's voice is all in the engagement. I have the genuine desire to get to know my followers, to care about them and to want to tweet with them and make that time. With my set of Twitter values, I have been amazed at what has been delivered. Ive gained business in the form of referrals and clients. With more than 1600 followers my tweets are shared far and wide building mybrand. I have gained great business connections and my website design and my images come courtesy ofyou guessed it Twitter. I have a fabulous and growing guest blogging team, celebrity contributors to my blog and to top it all workshop collaborations planned for next year all from sharing my tweets.

So heres my tips for using Twitter, not as an expert, just a woman in business whos found its working fabulously.

Time just a few blog posts to share through the day using Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.

Remember its all about people, engage and build relationships

Be enthusiastic and positive, rants on Twitter are pretty unpleasant things

Have a strong opinion, take time out and thinkdo you really want to send that tweet?

Be yourself, be real and the human at the end of a tweet

Youll create timelinenoiseif you tweetatyour followers and theyll turn the volume down or stop following you, tweetwithand youre winning.

Learn from other great tweeps, I was given great advice in the early days and its ok to ask for help.

You avatar or profile picture needs to reflect who you are and be a headshot ideally. Of course huge global brands like @virgin will use their branding.

Finally have a set of twitter manners and rules Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Finally and importantly I have company, yes on those lonely days in front of a computer I can have brief conversations with followers and friends, breaking up my day without too much of a time commitment. Ah yes and friends, twitter can deliver real friends for life. Friends youll make time for and theyll do the same. Before you even meet youve built the relationship, all through a few 140 character little messages.

Twitter makes sense, so make sense of Twitter and enjoy.

Jayne Coxruns her private practice as an Emotional & Eating Disorder - Body Image Expert. A Specialist Women's Coach and Writer, she empowers and motivates women to Love their Years their Bodies and their Lives.!/loving_my_years

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