Top tips from the Branson Centre entrepreneurs

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Virgin Unite were lucky enough to be joined by one of the Branson Centre Caribbean entrepreneurs this week, as Lacey Ann handed out some valuable insights into the life of an entrepreneur, as part of our Global Entrepreneurship Week series.

Meanwhile over in South Africa, at the other Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, there has been a host of events to mark the week. With talks on personal budgeting and business tools around small business finance, workshops and question and answer sessions.

There was also a talk from local icon Deshun Deysel - the first black woman who took part in the first South African expedition to Everest in 1996. Deysel has subsequently been on 13 high altitude expeditions on five continents, she now uses her Everest expedition as a metaphor for the journey of an entrepreneur.

Both of the Branson Centres will today be taking part in a live Google+ Hangout with Richard Branson.

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