Should bosses treat their employees like plants?

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How should an employer treat an employee? There are many different schools of thought, each with opposing views on how you can get the most out of a workforce. One person with a particularly strong opinion on how to go about interacting with employees is Richard Branson, who has some words of advice for feisty bosses.

Speaking to Enigma Magazine about his years of business experience, the Virgin Group Founder was quick to point out that too many employers can be harsh critics.

Youve got to be a good leader if youre going to build a business, that includes being a good listener. You need to be comfortable with praising people, too many bosses are jumping down peoples throats all the time, explained Branson.

People need watering just like a flower needs watering, they need to be praised. By doing this you should see a positive reaction from your workforce.

Do you agree with Richard Bransons approach to handling his employees? Or do you think that its important for bosses to be firm with their staff?

Let us know your thoughts and experiences below

Image by Christopher Craig on Flickr

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