Richard Branson: 3 tips for young entrepreneurs

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Richard Branson at GEC 2012

As someone who started his first business from a very young age, Richard Branson knows all too well about the trials and tribulations that entrepreneurs may have to face when first starting out.

Through his work with organisations such as The Virgin Academy and Virgin Media Pioneers, the Virgin Group Founder has looked to give the next generation of entrepreneurs the best possible chance of succeeding.

As hes often acknowledged, its not easy making your dream become a reality. So when asked in a recent interview by Forbes magazinewhat advice he had for young entrepreneurs, what did he have to say?

My three top tips would be:

1. Create a strong culture of excellence roll up your sleeves and work alongside your staff and take care of them.

2. Dont be afraid to make a fool of yourself if it helps your business.

3. Find ways to equally prioritize people, planet and profits because it can be done.

Were you or are you currently a young business hopeful? If so, have you any tips to making it happen from a young age?

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