'I am going to be a millionaire aged 20'


A young entrepreneur guest blogs on why he will be a millionaire by the time he is 20 and offers business advice - do you agree with him?

My name is Jamie Dunn, I am an 18-year-old entrepreneur from Birmingham and I am going to be a millionaire by the time Im 20.

I started my first business, a market stall, aged 12 and by the age of 16 I had six different stalls across the Birmingham region.

I always knew I wanted to be in business and so I spotted the opportunity to experience a new way of teaching, The Peter Jones National Enterprise Academy. I applied and after many assessments and challenges I was accepted as one of the 28 out of thousands that had applied. With this, I moved to Buckinghamshire for a year and learnt about all aspects of business. I then graduated and set up my own coaching and mentoring business where I have currently worked with around 250 individuals. I am now a Young Enterprise UK board member and business advisor, a sponsored Virgin Media Pioneer, a professional speaker and a host of other titles.

As of writing this article I am currently 425 days away from reaching my target of becoming a millionaire. I have set myself this huge target as it keeps me focused and gives me something to work towards.

As you read this, I bet most of you are thinking, So how close is he to his million? To give you an example, my minimum fee for a speech booking is 400 and my mentoring and coaching programme is 25 per month. My plans to reach my ultimate goal are to continue coaching and speaking because this is where my passion lies, but to access the real big money, I am currently working on a number of projects that will ensure I reach my goal.

I would like to share with you my three key principles that I feel have got me noticed as one of Britains most exciting young entrepreneurs.

My first principle of success is passion. I approach every project that I undertake with passion and ensure that all my energy and focus is placed into it to deliver a high standard. I feel that without putting passion and energy into something then the target outcome will not be achieved. If you enjoy doing something, you will naturally want to do it more, which consequently means you will do it better.

My second principle is persistence. When you are on a journey, or you have an ultimate target or goal it is important to stay focused and make sure that every time something comes in between you and your target that you keep going, keep progressing and find a way to overcome whatever it is that is hindering your success. You can overcome anything, but only if you keep going. As Winston Churchill once said: If you find yourself going through hell, keep going.

My final principle is the power of people. Surrounding yourself with the right people is key to anything and everything. Keeping company with positive individuals that will encourage and motivate you to want to believe in yourself and succeed is vital to anybody; we all know how it feels to be around somebody that brings you down and doesnt believe that you can do the things that you aspire to.

Have a great week, believe it, achieve it.

You can follow Jamie Dunn on Twitter and suggest topics for future posts.

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