How non-tech CEOs harness social media


It's fairly well accepted now that social media is a great tool not only for personal engagement but business success. However, the growth of social has been slower right at the very top of companies. Study after study has pointed to a gap where CEOs are talking the talk on the importance of social media - but now using it themselves.

The innovators in this space are generally those who run tech companies - if these guys didn't get social, you'd really have to worry for them. However, there are some early adopting non-tech social CEOs who are leading the way. As Hootsuite recently pointed out: "Social media isnt only important to tech companies, and executives in industries as varied as textiles or banking are turning to these channels."

Hootsuite counted down the top five non-tech CEOs using social media to drive business results, with James Caan, Anand Mahindra, Doug Conant and Peter Aceto making the list alongside Virgin Founder Richard Branson.

Evan LePage wrote: "Richard Branson is his own brand: people see him taking part in extreme sports, flying across the world and managing a business empire, and they want to follow that activity much like they would a celebrity.

"He shares that life through social media and followers join him on his journey, all the while being exposed to Virgin and its products and services. In this way Bransons social media activity acts like cross-promotion: the Branson brand and the Virgin brand boost the profile of one another. Bransons activity on social also helps engrain a culture of social media throughout Virgin."

Well, we're not arguing with that. Richard Branson highlighted his own views on the subject when he counted down his own top three tips for social media.

We think there will come a time when all CEOs use social media - but how long will it take? And who do you think is the top social CEO? Let us know on - you guessed it - social media.

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