The greatest entrepreneurial challenge

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As any entrepreneur will know only too well, life is a series of challenges. Nobody is more aware of this than Richard Branson, having overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges throughout his time as Virgin Group founder.

Speaking to Branson recently explained what he deemed to be the greatest entrepreneurial challenge of all saving the world: There are entrepreneurial challenges, but there are also entrepreneurial opportunities. I suspect the biggest entrepreneurial opportunity is to save the world from a global warming catastrophe by coming up with alternative sources of fuel. We are fast running out of dirty fuel - carbon and oil, in particular.

If we don't come up with alternative sources of fuel quickly, fuel prices will go through the roof, and we will be completely dependent on the Middle East and other countries for our dirty fuel. The world will continue to heat up. So I would say the biggest entrepreneurial opportunity is get out there and invest in clean energy

Can you think of any other great challenges that entrepreneurs may face in the coming years? If so let us know

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