Entrepreneurs quiz Richard Branson

Entrepreneurs quiz Richard Branson

Budding business leaders got the chance to learn from the best at a special entrepreneur event at Richard Branson's home yesterday.

Young entrepreneurs from Virgin Media Pioneers and other organisations took part in a question and answer session with Virgin Group founder Richard Branson.

The audience shared their own entrepreneurial tales and aspirations, while Richard Branson discussed how he got his start in business with Student magazine and Virgin Records.


He went on to explain some of the secrets to his success as an entrepreneur, and talked about his latest projects including Virgin Galactic, Virgin Oceanic and the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship.

Once the floor was opened for questions, the likes of Jamal Edwards from SBTV and several Virgin Media Pioneers were among those to put forward their business queries.

Entrepreneurs from the Branson Centre in Joburg also took to the platform to share their experiences.

Fast Track

Later in the day business leaders met for the annual Fast Track event, which concluded with a talk from Richard Branson and Virgin Group CEO Stephen Murphy.

Head over to Virgin Media Pioneers to see more from the day, with videos and interviews coming soon.

Greg Rose

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