A decade of inspiring minds - part one

Steve Jobs

What we believe and allow to harbour in our minds becomes our reality. Some of the best creative minds have been laughed at when they exposed their radical ideas to colleagues, friends and even their family. But a capacity to dream outside the lines combined with a refusal to accept defeated and natural talent has resulted in revolutionary inventions that continue to shape our modern world today. Here's a guest blog on some of the very bestentrepreneurial minds from the last decade...

This decade has seen wonderful inventions and some truly creative minds. Many of the gadgets and websites we use daily were introduced during what has arguably been the most ground-breaking era to date. We have concocted a collection of our favourites.

Steve Jobs: Apple

The untimely death of technology extraordinaire Steve Jobs in 2011 bought about a surge of renewed appreciation for his resourceful and uniquely creative mind. Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple and investor in the incredibly successful Pixar animations. His work has engineered a collection of the most influential and popular icons of our day and the beloved CEO still remains to many a prevalent ambassador of visionary spirit and entrepreneurial genius.

The iPod was introduced to an unsuspecting world in 2003, offering a radical departure in how users listened to music. It remains as essential to many peoples back pocket as a mobile phone. Jobs has said of the invention, If anyone was to wonder what Apple was on earth for, I would hold it up as an example.

The iPhone quickly followed, which took what consumers loved about the iPod, combined it with a phone and made it more enjoyable and easier to use. The most recent innovation is of course the iPad, which released in 2010. It is perhaps a simple idea of taking the iPhone, iPod and computer and rolling them into a new tablet form. Nonetheless, the iPad has become a rapidly selling phenomenon that many companies only dream of imitating.

Jobs baton has been passed to new CEO Tim Cook, who continues to focus on the evolvement of the iPad, among other projects, which remain shrouded in secrecy.

To think, Steve Jobs, the self proclaimed hippy came from a working class home, was put up for adoption as a baby and dropped out of his first semester at college is a testament to all that can be achieved by yielding shrewdness, belief in your achievements and natural, raw creativity.

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg began a simple networking website in his college dorm room, allegedly launched in an attempt to score points with an old girlfriend. Facebook rapidly burgeoned into a billion dollar company, forever destined to change the way people interact with one other.

Zuckerberg made his mark when he launched Facebook in 2004, and was recently named The Youngest Ever Billionaire by Forbes Magazine, thanks to his innovative idea which has since been used as a benchmark for all other social networking concepts. The site rapidly drew in outside attention and by December 2005 documented 5.5 million users and attracted attention from Yahoo and MTV.

It wasnt all plain sailing for the business mogul; some old college associates unfolded a hefty court battle, claiming Zuckerberg stole the idea of Facebook from them. Eventually, the battle was settled out of court and Zuckerbergs name and reputation was left intact.

That wasnt the end of the worlds fascination with the young entrepreneur. In 2011 the film The Social Network was released, depicting the conception and rise of Facebook; receiving eight academy awards and amassing a hefty income.

Zuckerberg is esteemed to be worth $6.9 billion, but has claimed he has given at least 50% of that to charity. He signed the Giving Pledge and has given a considerable sum to the Newark Public Schools Fund, claiming, "With a generation of younger folks who have thrived on the success of their companies, there is a big opportunity for many of us to give back earlier in our lifetime and see the impact of our philanthropic efforts.

Sergey Brin: Google

The thriving enterprise that is Google, the worlds largest Internet Company, was Sergey Brins brainchild. The 38-year-old Russian-born computer scientist started up Google in 1998 alongside his business partner Larry Page while earning their PhDs at Stanford. The company went public in 2001, headed by CEO Eric Schmidt.

The pair have since been commended as being responsible for fundamentally changing the way information is retrieved today. And according to Forbes Magazine, computer pioneer Brin is worth a hefty $18.7 billion, ranking him as the 24th richest person in the world. In 2003 they received an honorary MBA from IE Business School for embodying the entrepreneurial spirit and lending momentum to the creation of new businesses.

Brin is currently putting a great deal of his energy into heading up special projects, one of which is rumoured to be the development of a pair of augmented-reality glasses that would allow the wearer to see Google Maps while walking. He has also become a benefactor for research into Parkinson's disease, after finding out he has a genetic mutation increasing his changes of inheriting the disease. The computer wiz spends his time practicing diving, yoga and acrobatics to eradicate the chances of developing the disease.

Jeff Bezos: Amazon

Bezos journey into creating the giant that is Amazon.com began back in 1994 when he left behind his Wall Street career before his 30th birthday to sell books online from his Seattle garage. It took seven years for the ambitious former Wall Streeter to turn a profit and become the monster of the online shopping world it is today. Bezos is worth $18.4 billion and since the launch of his iPad killer, the Kindle. It seems the sky is the limit for the father of four.

Amazon remains today the largest online retailer on the planet, outselling paper books with e-books as of 2011. Bezos creation of the Kindle has been credited as revolutionising the publishing industry.

Today, he continues to show avid interest in rocket science, shovelling his fortune into secretive aerospace firm Blue Origin in hopes of developing a rocket that takes off and lands vertically.

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