#VirginDisruptors panelist will.i.am speaks out on the state of the music industry, and explains to us why it has changed forever...

As the debate rages on after our #VirginDisruptors live event, will.i.am challenges the foundations of music. "How about you come up with something you bring to society?"

The Black Eyed Peas frontman tells us his views on artists as entrepreneurs, explains why music needs to rethink what a group is, and questions "why are we making audio-only in a visual world?"

Radio? Record labels? Technology? Bands? will.i.am has a vision for the future. Head over to the full #VirginDisruptors debate for more. To hear from the other panelists, try our interviews with Imogen Heap, Amanda PalmerZoë KeatingIan Hogarth of SongkickNic Jones of Vevo and Scooter Braun.

As will.i.am says: "If you really want to disrupt? Di-fucking-srupt!"

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