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From Bangkok to Bangalore, Delhi to Dubai, Toronto to Toulouse and Milan to Montreal and to Mumbai, Virgin Radio International is one of the most exciting and fastest growing companies in Richard Branson's Virgin Group.

Established by the Virgin Group in 2001 to develop internationally the highly successful Virgin Radio format pioneered by Virgin Radio UK during the 1990s, Virgin Radio International now participates in FM radio ventures broadcasting in seven languages, with over 30 million listeners and US$150 million in annual revenue.

Virgin Radio International launched

Virgin Hitz 95.5 launched in Bangkok

Fever 104 FM launched in Delhi

Virgin Radio Italy launched

Fever 104 FM launched in Mumbai 

Fever 104 FM launched in Bangalore

Virgin Radio France launched

Fever 104 FM launched in Kolkata

Virgin Radio Dubai launched

Virgin Radio Toronto launched

Virgin Radio Turkey launched

Virgin Radio Vancouver launched

Virgin Radio Montreal launched

Virgin Radio Calgary launched

Virgin Radio Edmonton launched

Virgin Radio London (in Canada) launched

Virgin Radio Winnipeg launched

The future
Virgin Radio International is exploring opportunities in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia and hopes to launch many more Virgin Radio stations in the future.

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