Rock up to the Virgin Pure water bar

Your pure water source –  pure, chilled or even boiling hot!

Virgin has teamed up with global water purification experts Strauss Water to provide UK households with a revolutionary drinking water solution – Virgin Pure.

The new Virgin Pure T6 and T7 are kitchen countertop Water Bars connected to your water mains.  They purify tap water, serving pure, great tasting chilled or boiling water at the touch of a button.                                                  

It’s the equivalent of bottled water on-tap, perfectly chilled or boiling hot for tea and coffee!

Ultra Pure

Triple filtration to eliminate the tiniest of particles
Reduces chlorine by 99% for great taste
Leaves all essential minerals in the water
UV lamp to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses

Ultra Complete

Purified, Ice cold, Ambient, and Boiling hot
Never runs out - connected to your mains
Hot water child lock for safety

Ultra Convenient

No more struggling with bottles
No more hassling with filter jugs
No more waiting for the kettle
More room in the fridge for the tasty things
Instant hot water for cooking

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