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Virgin Health Bank was developed to meet the needs of families who are considering banking their baby’s cord blood stem cells and want the support of an ethically motivated cord blood bank committed to delivering high quality service.
Virgin Health Bank empowers families to make informed decisions about storing their baby’s cord blood stem cells by providing them with accurate and honest information.
In the UK, Virgin Health Bank offers families a choice of cord blood banking services; a family can choose Family Banking service or Community Banking service.
In Qatar, Virgin Health Bank only offers Family Banking Services. Virgin Health Bank has partnered with Hamad Medical Corporation’s Women’s Hospital and all private maternity hospitals and works closely with their physicians and nurses to ensure best practice cord blood collections.
Stem cells from Virgin Health Bank’s cord blood bank have been used for transplantation by Doctors in the UK’s National Health Service and is proud to operate under a licence issued by the Human Tissue Authority. The Supreme Council of Health for the State of Qatar has granted Virgin Health Bank the first and to date only licence for cord blood banking in the country.
Virgin Health Bank opened its state of the art stem cell processing and cryogenic storage facility at Qatar Science & Technology Park in Doha in August 2011.

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