Providing NHS care good enough for our own families

Why we do what we do

Our aim is to make a real difference to peoples’ lives by offering health and social care services that are:

  • free at the point of need;
  • better than what went before;
  • a great experience for everyone; and
  • better value for the public and the NHS.

We understand that it’s our people who make us who we are, and it’s about how together we can make a difference.

Where would I expect to see Virgin Care?

We operate over 230 NHS and social care services across the country across three broad service types:

  • Primary care services: GP practices, urgent care centres, minor injury units and walk-in centres
  • Intermediate care services: usually services that your GP refers you for such as audiology, dermatology, ophthalmology, rheumatology, back and joint pain, ENT, ultrasound (to name a few)
  • Community services: wheelchair services, prison healthcare, sexual health, community hospitals, neuro-rehabilitation, frail/elderly care, health visiting, district nursing, services for children with complex mental, physical and sensory learning difficulties, end of life care

Some of our key services

  • Children’s health and social care services: we run children’s services across parts of Devon and Surrey
  • Community services: we run community services across north west and south west Surrey
  • Sexual health: we run sexual health services in Milton Keynes, North East Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire, Oldham Surrey, Teesside and Surrey
  • Prison health: we run five prison healthcare services across Surrey and Oxfordshire

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